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Younique Scrubs

From frumpy, to fit and comfy, in just a few clicks of your mouse! YOUnique Scrubs, based out of St. Louis, MO offers custom fit scrubs to accommodate your specific body measurements. No more tugging at the back of your pants as you squat down to get something out of a cabinet, no more arm sleeves or waistlines that are too tight, and no more super baggy looking scrubs because you can’t find any sizes petite enough for you! Gone are the days of box store, custom to no one scrubs.


Custom scrubs offer the unique comfort of being made just for you. Comfort is not the only advantage though! Custom fit scrubs provide an unarguable level of professionalism to your uniform, or the uniform of your staff. Custom scrubs, from YOUnique Scrubs in St. Louis, will leave a lasting image of professionalism and prestige with your patients. Patients want to know their healthcare staff are the best of the best. At YOUnique Scrubs, we trust that the care you currently provide is top notch. Now we want to help your scrubs convey that to patients before they even make it to your back office! Tailored scrubs take your work attire to the next level.


All shapes, all sizes


It can be especially challenging to give yourself, or your staff, a polished look when your physique has its own unique characteristics. Some people need scrubs that have enough room for extra belly without looking baggy, or being too snug causing accentuation of that area. Some women need more room in the bust, but are otherwise petite, making it hard to find a shirt that doesn’t fit too tightly through the top, but also doesn’t give you an unflattering boxed look.


Here are some top reasons our clients love us and their custom scrubs:


  •      Pants are never too long, or too short
  •      Tops are never too loose, or too tight
  •      Pants don’t sag, or add unwanted tightness on stomach
  •      You can choose your design!
  •      Measurements are submitted to ensure PERFECT fit
  •      Material used is always high quality, that will last


Corporate Scrub Solutions


At YOUnique Scrubs, we strive to not only make it convenient for individuals to own high quality, custom fit scrubs, but for offices and corporations to easily be able to have their staff uniformed with a polished, professional look. Call TODAY to ask us how we can set up a company login page! We are based out of St. Louis, but ship to anywhere in the country. All staff will be directed to options approved by you, so you know that your team is uniform and professional at all times.


Feeling good about your clothing makes you happier and more productive!

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